This past May we headed back to Africa to give our gratitude to all of the harvesters and people that make it possible for us to bring baobab to our friends.




What a trip!

Not only did we get to meet the women harvesting the baobab fruit and their families, but we got to see the whole process from seeds to seedlings to harvest to market.

What an enriching experience all around. We can't wait to go again.


From our kids to theirs

Before we left for Africa, our children made necklaces to give to the children of the harvesters. The pic above shows them letting us put them on!





Seeding the future

Ensuring the sustainability of the amazing Baobab tree, the Bonga Foundation is working with an ecologist developing a program for local harvesters to protect the delicate seedlings for the first three years of their lives. Become a Guardian of the Baobab and feel your positive influence extend like the trees’ mighty branches. Starting in December, you can sponsor the growing, planting and caring (guarding) of a tree for $100. Read more about that on our Foundation page.




Kindred spirits

Along with the wonderful harvesters, two of the most important people that we had the pleasure of meeting were Riann and Sarah, who play an integral part in getting the baobab to market in their region.

We have so much respect and gratitude for these two that have truly touched our lives in many ways.