The baobab tree has long been a pillar of African existence. Standing tall and strong, this “Tree of Life” produces a wild-harvested super fruit bursting with antioxidants and naturally rich in vitamin C. 



Tree of Life

There are eight species of baobab (BEY-oh-Bab)—six in Madagascar, one in Australia, and the African variety, Adansonia digitata, found in 20 sub-Saharan countries. It thrives in dry climates that have low to moderate seasonal rainfall. Carbon dating has shown some trees to be around 2,500 years old. That's potentially older than the Giza pyramids.


Sustainable harvesting

Harvesting the baobab fruit not only creates delicious, healthy products, but also nurtures local communities by providing sustainable income for women in southern Africa and protection of the ancient trees. 


Giving back

We believe in the power of sustainable harvesting and giving back, which is why 10% of all Bonga profits go to the foundation we have set up to further this cause. Learn more about our Bonga Foundation.



Raw power

One of the most amazing features of this organic, raw superfood is how simple it is to extract the powder inside. The pulp dehydrates naturally inside the fruit pods of the baobab tree, and then drops to the ground where harvesters collect it. 

The nutrients remain intact as the powder is simply separated from its seed and sieved in its natural form before packing—never pasteurized, heat extracted, or freeze dried. Always whole and unprocessed.


Using the powder

Its light, tangy flavor is the perfect addition to smoothies, baked goods, and oatmeal. Simply mix with water, juice, or yogurt or stir into cookie batter, pancakes, and muffins. Check out some of our favorite recipes.



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Super Powered

Our Baobab Superfood Powder consists of over 50% fiber by weight, the majority of which is soluble fiber. That’s over 10 times the antioxidant power of blueberries, pomegranate, goji berries, and even açaí. And gram for gram, it has more calcium than milk.


Nutrition Facts

12 grams of powder contains:
Over 16,000 Antioxidant ORAC
6 grams of fiber (24% DV)
4 mg of Vitamin C (24% DV)
64 mg of Calcium (4% DV)
18 mg of Magnesium (5% DV)
272 mg of Potassium (8% DV)
Pretty impressive, no?


Chew on this:

Based upon USDA and Brunswick Labs data, our Superfood Chews provide better antioxidant support for your body than the top 10 fruits consumed in the U.S.