Bonga was born out of a desire to create delicious, wholesome snacks that our kids would love as much as we do. Baobab provides the perfect answer.

Mary Grace

Mary Grace

Mary's affection for healthy, organic superfoods started when she was just eight-years old. She would hop on her bike, pedal down to the local health food store, and cruise the aisles, checking out products and sampling fresh foods and juices. These small journeys led to a life-long pursuit of the world’s best, most nutritious products.

This mom of two has been on a globetrotting quest ever since, falling deeply in love with Africa along the way. Discovering the baobab provided the perfect opportunity to offer a healthy food that benefited local communities. Mary continues her pursuit of healthful living with meditation, yoga, and searching for new superfoods.


Nancy Nehoray

Nancy’s life is a seamless hybrid of a little health nut and a lot of fun. She loves sun-soaked sports like paddleboarding, surfing, and mountain biking as much as she loves meditating and all things wholesome and nutritious, which is mostly why she’s a pescatarian (she also really loves superfoods).

Nancy spends her time keeping up with her lively six- and eight-year old and making friends at the local farmers market. It’s where you’ll find her every Saturday morning with a basket full of the best local snacks and a mind full of new ways to prepare them.



Michaeline HEYDARI

Michaeline is a superfoodie with a passion for promoting the best foods for our bodies. As a student of successful, socially conscious business, she’s a believer in commerce that gives back, which is why she balances a healthy lifestyle, charity, and sustainable business development. 

In her free time, you’ll find this supermom hugging trees, advocating for eco-friendly initiatives, and heading to the beach. And if you’re ever wondering how best to get into her good corner, a little milk chocolate is rumored to go a long way.